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    S Bender

    Bayer Leverkusen muss in den anstehenden Partien gegen Slavia Prag (morgen Uhr) und die TSG Hoffenheim (Sonntag, 18 Uhr) auf. Sven Bender - Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Dortmund II, TSV München, TSV München II. Trikots von Sven Bender. Im Bayer 04 Fanshop findest du Trikots und Lieblingsprodukte vom Bayer 04 Verteidiger Sven Bender.

    Sven Bender

    Trikots von Sven Bender. Im Bayer 04 Fanshop findest du Trikots und Lieblingsprodukte vom Bayer 04 Verteidiger Sven Bender. Spielerprofil vom Fußballspieler Sven Bender Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Alle Statistiken und aktuelle News zu Verletzungen und Gerüchten. Beim Sieg auf Schalke Stand Sven Bender erstmals seit seiner vor zweieinhalb Wochen in Bielefeld erlittenen Prellung des Sprunggelenks.

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    Sven Bender - Defending \u0026 Passing Skills 2014/2015 - HD 720p

    Bender Term used to describe a time span of over a couple days where you get extremely drunk or high and are too shitfaced to remember the events that occurred within that time period. You have to be wearing the same clothes you were before you started the bender or else it's not considered one. We decided to go on a bender. Bender, a high-tech industrial metalworking robot, was built in at Fábrica Robótica De La Madre (Spanish: "Mom's Robot Factory"), a manufacturing facility of Mom's Friendly Robot Company in Tijuana, Mexico. However, the story of his construction remains a mystery. Harold S. Bender From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Harold Stauffer Bender (July 19, – September 21, ) was a prominent professor of theology at Goshen College (Goshen, Indiana) and Goshen Biblical Seminary. His accomplishments include founding both the Mennonite Historical Library and The Mennonite Quarterly Review. Sven Bender is the twin brother of Lars Bender (Bayer 04 Leverkusen). Lunch at Bender’s Tavern is a unique experience—combining the grace of history with the fresh, seasonal, modern cuisine today’s diners crave. Canton's Finest Restaurant since Bender's has been satisfying customers with culinary classics, drink and hospitality since © [wpsos_year] Bender's Tavern. Wholesale Experts Our licensed HVAC S Bender Plumbing professionals are S Bender for their commitment to the local trade. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata. Bender is a strong proponent for robots obtaining human rights, and gets very upset when he hears people claiming that human life is more important than robot life. June 24, Retrieved 31 July League World Challenge Pan-Pacific Championship Premier League Asia Trophy Supercopa Euroamericana J. Schedule an Appointment Join our texting list. Sign In Don't Ios Screenshot an account? I'll be on a three-day bender. Silversea Shadow Gallery. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Politics Religion. Bender's serial number, , can be expressed as the sum of two cubes, which is humorous to Bender and Flexo after Flexo reveals that his serial number () has the same characteristic ( 3 + 3) (also, Bender’s designation is a taxicab number). FunctionsChildren: Unnamed Son (son), Ben Rodríguez (son). e-mail: [email protected] – available from a.m. to p.m. on days of the year (CET/UTC+1) Future-proof charging infrastructure with the new CC charge controller The CC is available in different variants. Bender is a retail purveyor of decorative plumbing, kitchen, lighting, tile & stone. To support our local tradesmen, we also supply HVAC and plumbing materials. ; Virtual Showroom Tour Locations Locations Map Bridgeport Hartford New Haven Norwalk Stamford Waterbury. Sven Bender ist ein deutscher Fußballspieler. Er begann seine Karriere im Herrenbereich beim TSV München in der 2. Bundesliga. ging er in die Bundesliga zu Borussia Dortmund. Sven Bender, 31, aus Deutschland ➤ Bayer 04 Leverkusen, seit ➤ Innenverteidiger ➤ Marktwert: 7,00 Mio. € ➤ * in Rosenheim, Deutschland. Sven Bender (* April in Rosenheim) ist ein deutscher Fußballspieler. Er begann seine Karriere im Herrenbereich beim TSV München in der 2. Spielerprofil vom Fußballspieler Sven Bender Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Alle Statistiken und aktuelle News zu Verletzungen und Gerüchten. Archived from the original on 14 September His head can be used for a wide range of Serienjunkies Org Game Of Thrones, whether attached to his body or S Bender. Professor Farnsworth describes Bender to be constructed of an alloy of iron and osmium. Download as PDF Printable version. Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro Team.

    He seems to improve his cooking skills over the series, cooking a lavish cake for Nibbler 's birthday party and beating Elzar for the title of Iron Cook though he uses a potion called "The Essence of Pure Flavor", which consists of water and a generous portion of LSD to make the judges hallucinate that his food tastes good.

    In Into the Wild Green Yonder , he mistakenly bakes prison guards a cake with nutmeg thinking it was a natural human sleep drug , before being corrected by Amy that nutmeg is in fact a baking ingredient.

    As a robot, he possesses an incredible amount of patience. In "Roswell That Ends Well", he is shown to wait over a thousand years in sand after his head is lost during a trip back in time to , as well as many thousands of years in caverns under New New York City although on this occasion he was also in the presence of multiple alternate versions of himself that had previously made the same 'trip'.

    Despite the long wait, it is implied that Bender does not power down, apparently enjoying his own company so much that he does not consider it necessary.

    However, in one episode, he shows next to no patience as a one-time joke. Although the consumption of alcohol is necessitated by Bender's design and should not be generally viewed as a vice for alcohol-fueled robots, he apparently drinks far more than he needs for energy.

    His excessive drinking contributes to his characterization as an alcoholic " Hell Is Other Robots " reveals that robots can function equally well on mineral oil instead of alcohol, also contributing to the perception of Bender's alcohol use as a vice.

    If he is deprived of alcohol, for instance during periods of depression , he ceases to function properly and shows signs similar to human drunkenness , including developing a rusty five o'clock shadow.

    As noted above, his disembodied head has survived for millennia with, presumably, no source of alcohol, so it may be that, when a mere head, Bender neither requires alcohol nor suffers from its absence.

    When he is sufficiently frightened or sickened, bricks fall from his backside a reference to the slang "shitting bricks".

    He has also been shown to be able to use his eyes as cameras. In addition to drinking, he also has an affinity for cigars, which he ignites with a lighter built into his finger, although in " Decision " he uses a Zippo.

    Unlike drinking alcohol for fuel, Bender tells Fry that he smokes cigars simply because they "make [him] look cool".

    Despite being a robot, he has been seen to show emotion on many occasions, even shedding a tear in " Crimes of the Hot ".

    One of the series' running jokes revolves around Bender having emotions, when technically he should be an unfeeling machine.

    Bender is seemingly unaware of his emotions, stating in the episode "Anthology of Interest II", "I mean, being a robot's great, but we don't have emotions, and sometimes that makes me very sad".

    He has also been known to be nonchalant to the point of appearing both uncaring and incredibly brave, even in life-threatening situations.

    Bender is a classic narcissist. He considers himself flawless, a "towering inferno of physical perfection", [3] and refers to himself in both the first and third person.

    In " The Farnsworth Parabox " Bender seemingly falls in love with an alternate gold-plated version of himself, stating that he has finally found someone "as great as me".

    Even his personal email address, bender ilovebender. Despite these human characteristics, he has no verifiable soul , as seen in " Obsoletely Fabulous " when he passes through a "soul detector" without setting off the alarm.

    However, in " Ghost in the Machines ", Bender becomes a ghost who can't interact with people directly but can possess machinery: he uses this ability to "scare Fry to death".

    He eventually makes a deal with the Robot Devil Dan Castellaneta to get a new body. His relationships with the rest of the crew of Planet Express vary over time, although he treats nearly all biological organisms with disdain.

    The only one of his friends who he has openly shown affection for is Fry, his best friend and roommate.

    He routinely takes advantage of his friends, including framing them for crimes, robbing them, stealing Fry's blood on more than one occasion, stealing Fry's power of attorney , using Fry's body to smash open a window, taking Fry's kidney and trying to sell it it eventually gets eaten by Leela , and stealing jewelry from Amy.

    Zoidberg a friend, since in " Obsoletely Fabulous " Bender begged the 1X Robot to "save his friends, and Zoidberg" Though it is seen that he helps Zoidberg from time to time, as seen in " That's Lobstertainment!

    He even betrays Leela to Zapp Brannigan in Into the Wild Green Yonder when she becomes a wanted criminal, out of jealousy of her steadily growing rap sheet , only to break her out of prison again to ensure his own sheet remains lengthier.

    Although he regularly frustrates the crew, they have demonstrated a certain affection for him in return. Hermes Conrad Phil LaMarr subsequently risks his bureaucratic license to locate the disc with Bender's brain on it by sorting the entire pile in just under four minutes.

    In the same episode, when Amy asked why they had to fix him, after being met with a brief period of uncertain silence, Leela says, "Those arguments aside, we're still going.

    Despite his often immoral attitude, he does not lack a softer side; he can feel guilt and remorse over his actions if he goes too far even by his own standards , indicating that he is not as selfish or unkind as he appears to be.

    In "Bendless Love", Bender intends to murder Flexo in order to win the love of fem-bot Angelyne, but when Flexo gets stuck under a gigantic steel girder, Angelyne shows sorrow for him.

    Bender decides that her happiness is more important than his own, and ends up saving Flexo. As the series progressed, it seems his cooking skills have improved a bit.

    He managed to make a cake for Nibbler and create an edible salad. Bender is also very good at tap dancing as shown in the episode " Stench and Stenchibility ", where he comes in second place in a tap dance contest.

    When the Planet Express crew threw Bender a fake funeral to prove they would remember him when he died, Fry said that Bender's favorite way to die would be none other than being crushed by a runaway semi-truck driven by the Incredible Hulk; Bender was touched that Fry remembered that fact.

    Additionally, Bender's retirement plan is to turn his "on-off" switch to "off. In Bender's Big Score , several time paradox duplicates of Bender died by the explosion and one by destruction code from bladder failure.

    In Lethal Inspection , it was revealed that all robots have a wireless back-up unit that will download them into a new body if their current body is destroyed.

    However, Bender did not have a back-up unit due to Inspector 5 overriding a quality control failure on Bender, so when his hard drive is destroyed he will die.

    In Ghost in the Machines , Bender is murdered by his ex-girlfriend a suicide booth named Lynn and becomes a robot ghost in limbo.

    He is returned to his normal self at the end of the episode by saving Fry's life and redeeming himself. In Where No Fan Has Gone Before , George Takei said a destruct sequence that made Bender blow up.

    Technically he didn't die, but he did explode. The sequence was 1A 2B 3C In War Is the H-Word Bender exploded because Zapp Brannigan programmed him to explode when he said "ass" because it was the most common word for him to say and he was using Bender as a weapon when at war with the floating brains.

    He exploded when he was taken to Earth and since Professor Farnsworth couldn't disable the trigger he changed the word to "antiquing" and when Bender was trying to guess the word he said "antiquing".

    Bender has had many numerous relationships often sexual with fembots often not caring about their marital status. However, he doesn't seem to have much interest in a monogamous or long-term relationship.

    Also associated with the use of illegal drugs where alcohol is usually consumed but you do not sleep for a period of 24 hours up to days.

    My buddy went on a real bender this weekend. It wasn't just his usual coke binge , he started off friday morning using opiods and benzos , then by noon he was drinking liquor, and then he got into his coke about 3 a.

    He stayed up until sunday at noon doing coke and drinking before he crashed. Eee-o eleven UrbDic Get Inspired View our products. The possibilities are truly endless.

    Our licensed HVAC and Plumbing professionals are legendary for their commitment to the local trade. Known for our service, expertise, rebates and warranties, we're here for you.

    Always have been. Always will be. Learn More. FC Kaiserslautern and extended his contract until The years and were very successful for Bender, as he was an important player in Borussia Dortmund's midfield and helped the team win the national championship in both years as well as the DFB-Pokal in After treatment of his injury, Bender got another opponent for his position.

    He was on his way to becoming the number one player on his position and shared a place with team's captain Sebastian Kehl and helped the team to reach UEFA Champions League Final , although they were defeated by their domestic rivals Bayern Munich.

    On 27 July , Bender won the DFL-Supercup with Dortmund 4—2 against Bayern Munich. On 21 February , Bender signed a contract extension to keep him at the club until On 13 July , Bender ended his eight-year tenure at Borussia Dortmund, signing a four-year contract with Bayer Leverkusen until At the under level, Bender was a part of the team that won the European Under Championship.

    He and his twin brother Lars were named jointly as players of the tournament. In February , Bender suffered an Osteitis pubis injury that ruled him out for the FIFA World Cup.

    In mid-July on , despite not being called up for the senior team since , he made the spot for Germany Olympic football team for the Summer Olympics as one of three over 23 years old players along with his brother and Nils Petersen , [16] where Germany won the silver medal.

    On 20 June , Bender married Simone Dettendorfer, his long time girlfriend since As an experienced specialist or manager, at Bender you will have the chance to take on responsibility in an innovative medium-sized family business.

    Sustainable and independent interconnection of loads in energy management systems. We are committed to using innovative technologies to find solutions for your particular sector and application in order to guarantee the ultimate in electrical safety for people and machines.

    Maximum safety, availability and investment protection for your electrical installations. Benefit from the Bender know-how: user-friendly approaches to solutions, practical implementation and up-to-date knowledge regarding important standards.

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    S Bender Rote Karten. Audio Download. TSV U


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